Meet the Healers | Episode #2: Yes to Birth with Rachel Yellin

I met Rachel while living in San Francisco, and she was a huge help to me on my pregnancy journey. Rachel is a depth hypnosis practitioner, yoga teacher and former doula who created a childbirth class and an AMAZING audio relaxation program that were both profoundly valuable to me. 

In this conversation we talk about how the birth experience can be approached from a perspective that empowers the mother (and her partner) to have a connected, positive, and even joyful experience welcoming their new child into this world. We also discuss the results people have seen using the information from Rachel's programs (mine included!) Check out the conversation below!

I highly recommend checking out her audio relaxation series, regardless of whether or not you're pregnant! What I loved most about this series is that the tracks are so helpful in the early stages of pregnancy when there really isn't much information and support available just yet for women. Meditation was always (and still is!) really hard for me, but the way Rachel created these guided tracks truly helped me move through my fear and practice and prepare for the experience I really wanted. You can check them out here and use the code HelloHealing to get 20% off!

Rachel will be offering her childbirth class online for the first time starting soon (and you can currently live stream into classes today), so no worries if you're not in the Bay Area! Check out her class schedule here and use the code 25bucksoff to receive a $25 discount at registration check out when you put Hello Healing in as the referral source. 

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