Healing Spotlight: Energy Cleansing

sage and palo santo energy cleansing

When I first heard of ‘smudging’, I thought it was super weird. But now I can’t get enough! To the point that I alternate between sage and palo santo depending on my mood.

Just like you clean your floors and dust your bookshelves, it’s important to cleanse the energy and air in your space from time to time.
Sage is great for clearing negative/stale energy, even the yucky germs in the air when there’s a cold going through your household! Palo Santo is an awesome alternative (I think it smells much better!) and not only does it clear negative energy but it also brings in new energy to your space.

It’s as easy as lighting a candle! Let the flame burn out so you get a nice stream of smoke and waft it throughout your room, especially in corners where stagnant energy hangs out. Ideally open a window and set an intention of letting negative energy float out the window and the room gets filled with fresh air.

And if this still seems too weird, you can also use good old clapping! The vibration helps shake up the negative energy.

Have you tried this? What’s your favorite way to cleanse the energy in your space?