Natural Sleep Support Solutions

essential oils for sleep: vetiver, juniper berry, lavender, peace blend

We all know how important quality sleep is, but most people have some issue actually getting a solid 8 hours. From tossing and turning, to endless mental chatter, to waking up to have to pee, sleep can be frustrating. What I love about using essential oils for sleep support is that there are so many different ways to get the specific support that we each need, that often changes over time.

It’s commonly known that lavender is relaxing and helpful in promoting a good nights sleep, but did you know that lavender can actually have the opposite effect on some people? Just like different people tolerate foods in different ways, essential oils can have different impacts.

We’ve tried a lot of sleep combos in my house - our toddler would much prefer to play all night long instead of get into bed. And lavender had zero effect on him. There are so many other options to try, so don’t give up if the first thing you try doesn’t work for you.

These oils are in constant rotation in our house:

Juniper Berry: for anyone who has nightmares, this oil is for you. Using this has allowed me to have more restful and deep sleep as I no longer wake up with a racing heart from processing unresolved fears and other issues. It's also part of the diffuser blend in my toddler's room and has significantly decreased the times he wakes up crying for mama in the middle of the night.

Peace: it's called the reassuring blend for a reason! This combo of floral and mint oils immediately soothes anxious feelings and promotes a calming environment. Equally great for toddler tantrums and relaxing parents when they finally have a minute to themselves at the end of the day.

Vetiver: a natural tranquilizer, this oil really helps ground energy—whether it's slowing down a toddler who wants to run laps around his room, or quieting the mental chatter from your day, this one really helps you feel rooted.

What’s your go to for sleep support? If you need help getting any of these oils into your life, let’s talk! I love teaching people how to incorporate essential oils into their lives to support their health goals, and I can help you figure out the best way to get started. If already know what you want to order, you can get that process started here.