Natural Solution for Allergies

natural antihistamine

I used to HATE flowers. Every year when spring would come around, I would get the most horrible sinus infections. And if anyone were to bring flowers into my home, I’d immediately move them as far away from me as possible (or dump them in the trash later).

I spent years switching between every brand of OTC allergy meds, but it wasn’t until I started addressing the root cause of my reactions (inflammation in my digestive system) that I was even able to get some relief from these meds.

But then I was introduced to this power trio of essential oils, and I’ve never looked back. Lemon + Lavender + Peppermint is a natural antihistamine and has been the reason I get excited about someone buying me flowers today. Instead of reaching for something to mask my symptoms, I love being able to reach for something that naturally works with my body to bring it back into balance whenever it’s needed. (And it’s safe for kids too — my whole family uses this!)

We’re still in the midst of some crazy pollen here in the northeast, so instead of hibernating inside I’ve been using this combo so I can go for walks outside symptom free. And it’s been super helpful for improving my son’s runny nose after playing outside. I encourage you to give it a try to support you over the next few weeks! And if you need some help getting essential oils in your life, I’d love to chat and guide you on the best way to get started. If you already know what you want to order, you can get that process started here.