Healing Spotlight: Orgonite


Our lives are powered by so many different technologies and electronics, and while they all can be amazingly helpful, the invisible impact they leave on our environments is something we often don’t think about.

I’ve always been sensitive to energies and when I started investigating why I was feeling really yucky in my own home, I learned about EMFs and what I could do to counteract the impact they had on me. (Because I wasn’t going to throw my router, TV, computer, phone, and microwave in the trash!)

Orgonite is something I’ve found to be really helpful. I got this beauty 3 years ago from @theorgonizedearth and it’s been a permanent fixture in my house ever since. When I put it under my bed, I have really vivid dreams, and when I keep it in my office or living room, I really feel how it neutralizes the EMFs in the room.

Orgonite is made of resin, metal shavings, and various crystals (depending on who makes it) and this combo of material has the ability to transmute negative energy of all kinds - not just EMFs. And they’re really cool to look at.

Have you used orgonite? What do you do to protect yourself from EMFs?