Healing Spotlight: Thai Massage

thai massage with yaksha statues

Massage therapy is a very popular type of healing, but did you know there are many different techniques? I’ve experienced lots of different styles - Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, lomi lomi, Balinese, myofascial release - but my favorite by far is Thai massage.

This type of bodywork is a combination of gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines and passive stretching, and was created over 2,500 years ago by Buddhist monks. You are fully clothed and your therapist uses their feet and hands to provide different types of compression while you lay on a cushioned mat on the floor.

I always feel both relaxed and energized after a session and find it particularly beneficial to combat jet lag or when I’m feeling out of sorts. You can usually also get a focused Thai foot reflexology massage which truly balances the energy throughout your whole body by only working on the feet. It’s definitely something you must experience. Have you had a Thai massage? What’s your favorite type of bodywork?

PS - these statues are Thai Yakshas, sacred guardians of protection. In Thailand, you will see them at the gates of many Buddhist temples and at the Bangkok airport. I loved everything about my trip to Thailand and felt very drawn to the energy of these statues.