Empower yourself to be the healer in your own home.

Non-toxic wellness with essential oils like lavender and lemon

Essential oils provide simple yet powerful non-toxic solutions to support the health of your entire family. Oils are one of the most accessible forms of healing, which is why I’m so passionate about educating others about them.

When you have essential oils at your fingertips and are knowledgeable about how to use them, you don’t have to rely on a doctor for every headache, scrape, or anxiety pang. In taking a holistic approach to wellness, you learn to trust your intuition more, and you develop a sense of when you need to call a medical professional and when you can treat ailments naturally.

Ultimately, you become an incredible resource for your family and yourself.

Already know you want to order essential oils?

I’ve been trying to remove toxins from the products in my life, but it’s so hard to know what options are truly clean. That changed as soon as I was introduced to essential oils. These bottles of plant magic have made it so easy to live a naturally clean lifestyle. Now, I turn to my oils first for everything—when I get a nagging headache, when I need help falling asleep, or when I clean up my kitchen. The opportunities to incorporate these natural remedies into your daily routine are truly endless!
— Lindsey C.
Hello Healing suggests DoTerra non-toxic essential oils

What exactly are essential oils?

Essential oils are one of nature's most powerful tools to help your body heal itself (as it was built to do!). These oils are extracted from citrus peels, flowers, barks, roots, seeds, leaves, woods, and resins.

How can oils help?

There really is an oil for every ailment. Oils are not only great to help bring the body back into balance (regulating sleep and hormones, supporting digestion, and more), but they also make wonderful non-toxic cleaning solutions, add a boost of flavor to food, and beyond. Essential oils are primarily used aromatically (smelling, diffusing); topically (rubbing into hands or pressure points); and internally (but only certain types of the highest quality).

How do I know which oils to use?

Quality matters. Just like it's super important to put high-quality food into your body and products on your skin, it's super important to only use the highest quality essential oils. Purity, potency, and sourcing are the key elements you need to look for when selecting an essential oil. Just like you want to ensure your fruit is organic and eggs are cage-free, you want to ensure your essential oils are certified therapeutic grade. Yet there is no regulation in the industry, so it’s important to make sure you know what’s in the bottles you purchase. Unfortunately, many brands from even natural foods stores contain synthetics and additives and don’t provide transparency.  I’ve been using dōTERRA’s products for years because their products are only made of 100% pure plant oil. I truly stand behind the superior quality of their oils and conscious approach to business.

Free classes about essential oils

How do I get started?

I offer free wellness consults and teach free classes on how to use essential oils. If you're looking for more guidance on what oils are right for you, I'd love to answer any questions you have and give personalized recommendations based on your needs. Reach out via the contact form or email stacy@hello-healing.com and we can set up time to chat!

How can I order now?

If you already know which oils you want, the best way to purchase is to open a wholesale account so you get a 25% discount on the retail price, plus ongoing access, education, and support from me and my oil community—no strings attached at all. Follow the prompts to create an account and I’ll be in touch with more resources to support you on your oil journey!