Essential Oils

What's an essential Oil?

Essential oils are one of nature's most powerful tools to help your body heal itself (as it was built to do!). These oils are extracted from citrus peels, flowers, barks, roots, seeds, leaves, woods, and resins and have been used for thousands of years to work naturally with the body.

I love how empowered they make me feel when I can take the health of myself and my family into my own hands and use safe and natural remedies for whatever we need. 

how do you use them?

There really is an oil for every ailment! They're not only great to help bring the body back into balance, but they also make wonderful non-toxic cleaning solutions, add a boost of flavor to your food, and more!

Essential oils are primarily used aromatically (smelling, diffusing); topically (rubbing into hands or pressure points); and internally (but only certain types of the highest quality!). 


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How do I Select the right oils?

Just like it's super important to put high quality food into your body and products on your skin, it's super important to only use the highest quality essential oils. Unfortunately, most of the bottles on the shelves of your local natural food store contain additives and/or synthetic ingredients. (Yes, I know marketing can be powerful! I used to believe everything I read on a label too! But once I started researching this more, I learned I had to purchase my oils somewhere else.) 

Purity, potency, and sourcing are the key elements you need to look for when selecting an essential oil. Just like you want to ensure your fruit is organic, and eggs are cage free, you want to ensure your essential oils are certified therapeutic grade. 

where can I get them?

The products we use in our lives have a big impact on our health. I've always been a huge fan of natural solutions, and my absolute favorite is essential oils. I'm so passionate about empowering others to take a natural approach to the health of themselves and their families, and I love sharing this knowledge with people so they can find ways to incorporate into their own lives. 

The most efficient way to purchase oils is to open a wholesale account so you get a 25% discount on the retail price (plus more benefits AND no strings attached!). If you're interested in learning more, I'd love to answer any questions you have, give personalized recommendations based on your needs, and help you set up your account! Reach out to hello@stacyweinstein.com and we can set up time to chat!