Allow the real you to shine through in your marketing, just like it does with your clients.

As a marketing expert with a decade of experience in corporate marketing and communications, I know all about how marketing can be perceived.  

Just like healing, marketing is often misunderstood.

But when it comes down to it, both marketing and healing come from a place of service. Marketing doesn’t have to feel slimy or salesy; in fact, it should feel good.

The difference is in the approach.

I believe that each person needs to find the right mix of marketing tools that work for them. Just like individuals need to discover their own blend of healers, modalities, and tools, healers need to develop individualized marketing strategies that resonate soundly with them.

As a healer myself, I can speak your language and help you explain what you do in a way that is genuine, feels authentic and approachable, and doesn’t get written off as woo-woo. (Even though I think woo-woo is awesome, it just gets a bad rap!)

Marketing plan and marketing coaching with goals

Let's build a marketing plan that's authentic and empowering.

Together, we'll identify your big-picture goals, organize all the great ideas that have been floating around in your head, and create a plan to achieve them in a way that works for you AND feels good.




Sometimes blocks can prevent us from seeing the full picture. Let's find clarity around your challenges to allow you to move forward in your business. Through a blend of coaching and BodyTalk, I'll provide support and brainpower on a specific topic during a focused one-hour session. 



During a one-hour strategy call, we’ll create an individualized marketing plan full of actionable steps that help move your business forward. I’ll provide you with guided insight questions to help you prepare for the call and facilitate a discussion around ways to help you achieve your goals. After the call, I’ll organize your ideas and compile them into a plan that you can start implementing immediately.



Through ongoing coaching sessions and accountability calls, we’ll ensure that your marketing strategy is successful and builds a sustainable future for your business. Throughout our work together (a customized combination of weekly check-ins, monthly discussions, sessions to work through challenges, BodyTalk, and brainstorms on how to package what you do or create new offerings), I am a constant resource, helping you develop ideas and stay focused on your goals.

My goal is to help healers find their authentic voice and get the clarity and confidence they need to move their business forward. I would love to support you on your journey.

If this resonates with you, let's talk more. Reach out to set up a free discovery call.

Since working with Stacy, I am less afraid of marketing!! And I actually enjoy it most of the time. That is a HUGE win! What I really love is brainstorming with Stacy—every single time she nails it and coaches me to get more clarity on exactly what I need to move forward! I always feel encouraged, productive, and on fire during and after my conversations with Stacy! She’s a great listener, incredibly motivating, and so much fun to work with.
— Dafna G.