Stacy Weinstein of Hello Healing, with crystals and Buddha

Hi! I'm Stacy and I'm so glad you're here!

I believe the world needs us to be the best versions of ourselves, now more than ever. What that looks like is so different for each of us. We all have our own unique recipe of support we need to continue on our own journey. And my hope is that Hello Healing can be the light that nudges you in the right direction.

After dealing with stress-related health issues that resulted in complete burnout, I discovered the amazing world of holistic healing that so many people never get (or give themselves) a chance to explore. If I hadn’t experienced a wake-up call over my health, I might not have explored it either.

Holistic healing, meditation and wellness practices

Five years ago, I was working a job that was exciting but incredibly overwhelming, and I wasn’t listening to my body. I had previously experienced food intolerances and stress-related ailments, but this time the issue was my nervous system. I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome because of a shooting pain in my wrist (that I routinely worked through, fighting back tears). When I finally enlisted the help of a network chiropractor, I learned that my nervous system was totally shot, from my neck muscles down to my vertebrae. Soon after, I realized that I needed to take control of my life and my health. (You can read more about that journey here.) I learned how to breathe properly and how to meditate. I began to understand that my previous idea of “health” was a poor substitute for what it actually felt like to be healthy.

There are many powerful healing tools and practices that are truly life changing that I believe everyone deserves access to.

At the very least, I want people to be aware of the wealth of healing that exists. No one should feel stuck or be in pain, and oftentimes we don’t even know what being “well” truly feels like because we’re so used to accepting feeling off or not quite right. Everything is connected, and sometimes it just takes a dose of ancient wisdom, a sprinkle of magic, or a nugget of scientific truth to help us get back on the right path.

My goal is to make healing practices accessible and approachable so that everyone can experience the power of a holistic approach to health. Prior to launching Hello Healing, I became a certified BodyTalk practitioner, which was the beginning of my own journey to bring healing to others.

With more than a decade of experience in corporate marketing and communications at tech companies including Facebook, my background is unique. Not only do I love to help people discover new ways of healing their body, mind and spirit, I also love to help healers connect and speak to the people who need them most. I’m passionate about working one-on-one with people to help them connect the dots in their lives and businesses, giving them the clarity and confidence to truly be well.

I would love to support you, however you need.