Sometimes it's hard to know where to start your healing journey. With so many holistic options available, it's important to focus on identifying what you uniquely need.

BodyTalk can be incredibly beneficial because it is based on what you need at a particular point in time.

I was introduced to BodyTalk during the beginning of my healing journey, and after my first session, I immediately knew I needed to learn more. I ultimately became a certified BodyTalk practitioner because I found so much value in the approach it takes and the results it provides.

In essence, BodyTalk is a structured way of understanding imbalances in the body’s communication pathways. Through BodyTalk, the body, mind, and spirit can be reharmonized and the stories behind the symptoms can be understood.


What exactly is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is an approach to integrative mind/body health that blends western anatomy and physiology with eastern wisdom. Scientific knowledge fuses with a deep understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, chakras, consciousness, intuition, quantum physics, and other healing practices. The result is a structured way of accessing the innate wisdom of our bodies.

By identifying the priority areas that need balancing, individuals walk away feeling relaxed and more connected across their mind, body, and spirit.


How does BodyTalk work?

We’ve all experienced that sense that something isn’t “right” in our bodies. And because we’re all powered by an amazing, innate intelligence (the same intelligence that heals our cuts, digests our food, and grows human beings) we’re usually correct. When there’s dysfunction in our body, mind, or spirit, our innate wisdom starts “talking” to us by giving noticeable feedback. Pain, swelling, headaches, allergic reactions—or just a subtle, intuitive nag that something isn’t right.

BodyTalk for healing pain

There’s always a story behind these symptoms. In most cases, the symptom is a result of the body’s intricate system of communication experiencing blocks or imbalances. These hiccups in our internal communication systems evolve from our physical and mental life experiences. Belief systems and emotions can get stuck in different parts of our bodies, and the stress we experience and toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis can also impact our natural rhythms. It’s easy for dysfunction and imbalance to stem from these accumulated emotional experiences, impacting our overall health.     

But that doesn’t mean we are stuck in these dysfunctional loops. As a BodyTalk practitioner, I can help clients release blocks, clear miscommunication, and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit so they can function as they are intended to.

I don’t heal clients…I facilitate the healing process within clients by helping their bodies balance themselves.


Who can benefit from BodyTalk?

The short answer is that almost anyone can experience healing through BodyTalk.

The long answer: the ideal client is someone who is actively seeking healing and support, and may not know exactly where to turn. That sense of something being “off” can be both confusing and overwhelming. I can help individuals determine what’s a priority for their body and mind, and give guidance on the next steps based on what is right for their specific needs.

BodyTalk sessions can be especially beneficial for entrepreneurs. Just like our bodies have their own systems of communication and energies, so do our businesses. As an entrepreneur, you ARE your business. Your well-being affects the success of your business, and vice versa. The BodyTalk approach can strengthen the connection between individuals and their businesses, removing blocks in mindset and allowing entrepreneurs to make greater leaps in progress.  


How do I schedule a session?

Sessions are offered remotely via Zoom or phone and also in person at SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio in Walpole, MA. Reach out to learn more and schedule a session.

Stacy was so warm and welcoming, the BodyTalk session I did with her was the most relaxed and grounded energy work I’ve ever experienced. She is not just an intuitive, she’s a friendly guide. Listening to her guidance helped me see what forces are working above and beneath my business and helped me connect to the energy of my business and make more conscious choices to call back my power and call in support as I move forward and grow.
— Sandra J.