Non-Toxic Fruit and Veggie Wash

lemon and melaluca essential oil

Farm to table! I love that you can pick your own at the farm in my town. It’s cool to see where food actually comes from and a fun way to spend a weekend morning.

And to make the most of our finds, I used lemon essential oil as a non-toxic fruit and veggie wash, and melaleuca essential oil to extend the life of the flowers. Both are antiseptic and antibacterial and ones we use often and in many ways in our house.

Lemon goes in my water every day to support my body’s detoxification, and removes all the sticky stains my toddler leaves everywhere.

Melaleuca is great for cuts, colds, pimples, sore throats, and dandruff among other things. And as the oil of energetic boundaries, it’s super helpful for sensitive people like me in protecting their space.

If you need help getting any of these oils into your life, let’s talk! I love teaching people how to incorporate essential oils into their lives, and I can help you figure out the best way to get started. If you already know what you want to order, you can get that process started here.